Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just Another day at our House!

I am so blessed to have such amazing children! Kiara and Maka love each other so much and are always watching out for each other. Maka loves to follow her around and do whatever she's doing. One of their favorite things to do is sneak into the bathroom while I'm making dinner and play in the sink. Kiara likes to wash Maka's head with whatever is handy, usually mine or Sanoe's toothbrush! Kiara washes away and Maka just giggles and laughs.

We borrowed this little car game from the Brown's and Maka loved it. He loved "driving" and honking the horn.

Kiara and her Daddy. They sure do love each other. Kiara can't wait for Sanoe to come home each day and give her "Daddy" attention. She even reminds him in the morning before he goes to work; she says, "Daddy don't forget to come home and play with me later."

Kiara and Maka love reading books and coloring. As you can see they decided to camp out on the pillows in the bedroom. Kiara is reading and Maka is eating the crayon that he was coloring with! I don't understand how those crayons taste so good:)

This is Maka's most recent smile. He loves to scrunch up his face whenever a camera is around and especially when we say, "Say Cheese". It cracks me up because his smile looks so much like mine, eyes all scrunched up and the chubby cheeks! He definitely has some of my facial features and mannerisms.

We have a few crawling tunnels, but as you can see we don't just use them to crawl through. Kiara likes to stand up and hide in them, pull it down, and then let it pop up again. Maka just loves to crawl through them and play peekaboo.

Maka got this great toy from Jasmine, a wonderful friend of ours, for his birthday. It took him a while to get into it, but now he loves it and pushes it around everywhere, especially when Kiara is pushing her stroller around.

Sanoe and Kiara showing off their silly faces. Kiara loves to come up with silly faces for the camera.

What's Happening Lately?

Well, I've been terrible about posting lately, but since I actually got both Kiara and Maka down for their naps at the same time, which doesn't happen very often, I thought I would take advantage of the "me" time and catch up. The weather here has been pretty mild this winter, but from what I hear it's never really extreme. We've only had two snow falls, and they were pretty much gone the next day. We have had some pretty cold weather though, and on those days we stayed in and played or went on a few adventures. One of our adventures was to the National Building Museum. It has a kids area called the building zone that has huge squishy stacking blocks, giant legos, puzzles, lincoln logs, a life size playhouse, reading corner, and dress up clothes. Kiara and Maka love it!

Maka with the stacking blocks.

Kiara with her best friend Lizzy, measuring everything in site! They had so much fun pretending to be builders.

The three pictures above our with our close friends, the Brown's. They are here for a year just like us. We do tons together and love hanging out. Rachelle is an amazing mom, and does great sock puppets!

My little builder!