Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alana's Arrival and up to date!

Alana arrived 8 months ago on October 2nd. She came just a couple days after my due date and surprised us all when I went into labor all on my own. Aside from the pain, it was all so exciting, dropping the kids off at a friends house, grabbing my hospital bag and rushing to the hospital. She arrived not even two hours later at 11:30pm. She was 8lbs. 6oz., 21in long, and had plenty to say as soon as she came out!
The Barlow's, wonderful friends in our ward, watched the kids Thursday night and Friday. Kiara and Hannah had a wonderful time during their "sleepover" and loved playing together. My mother-in-law, Sallee was able to come and stay with the kids Friday night, and Saturday until we came home. Kiara and Maka came to visit us Friday evening. Kiara was so excited and thrilled to have a new baby sister, but Maka was pretty upset and didn't know what to think about the whole affair. For the first little while he didn't want anything to do with her, he wouldn't touch her, or even come near her. By the end of the evening he finally came to his own understanding that Alana was part of the family and fell in love with her from that moment on.
We headed home from the hospital Saturday afternoon and were greeted by Kiara, Maka, Sallee, and Keola and Adam, Sanoe's younger brother and sister. We all had so much fun passing Alana around and taking pictures. Kiara and Maka were so excited to have us home, but not as happy as I was. It's so nice to sleep in your own bed and in your own home after a stay in the hospital. We had celebratory ice cream to welcome Alana to the family, unfortunately for Alana she'll have to wait to have ice cream later. Sallee was able to stay and help me for several days and it was so wonderful to have her help. The kids adore her and love having her attention.
Alana is a sweet, mellow baby with a beautiful spirit that adds a very special feeling to our home. I've always felt that new baby's are so special because they are still so close to heaven. We are truly blessed to have such amazing children, each has their own unique personalities that make are family even more complete.
Alana is growing so fast and loves to smile all the time at anyone, and even when she is staring off into space she just smiles. I always wonder what she is thinking! Already, she has experienced so many things: Halloween, Thanksgiving, the beach and swimming pool, Christmas, vaccinations, a new year, a couple colds, and constant hugs and kisses from her brother, sister, mom and dad. Her chubby cheeks and soft hair are so kissable and cuddleable (is that a word?).

The kids got all dressed up for Halloween, and I had so much fun getting their costumes ready. Kiara went as a purple fairy, and all of you who know Kiara could probably have guessed that she would go as something purple. She loved picking out all the parts to her costume, and we even bought special fairy dust (sprinkles) to put on her face and in her hair. She loved that! Maka went as a cowboy with his chaps, hat, and eyeliner mustache. I'm definitely not as good at the makeup as my mom is. I remember growing up she always did our makeup for Halloween and did a great job. I guess I will have many years of practice ahead of me. Alana went as a ladybug. I made her costume out of a red onesie and some black material. Her headband took some creativity, using some black ribbon, thin wire, a hot glue gun, and an old headband of Kiara's. I had so much fun that I even took them to Sears to get their pictures taken. I'll probably never do that again, but it was fun this time. Sanoe and I even dressed up. Sanoe dressed as a mosquito, and me a hiker trying to protect myself from the mosquito! We went to our ward Halloween party the Saturday before, and then to Sallee's stake trunk-or-treat out in Makakilo. Unfortunately, the pictures took longer than expected, and then the traffic was horrendous. In the end we got their so late that there were only a couple cars left, so Sanoe and Sallee took them trick-or-treating to those while I fed Alana, who had been crying for more than half the ride there. The kids were so hungry by the end of the night that we headed straight from there to Wendy's for dinner. That was probably the best part of the day for the kids. They had fun hanging out with Grandma and eating their french fries!

Alana was blessed in November. Sanoe's family was able to be there and share that special experience. It was such a special blessing. One part of the blessing that touched me especially was when she was blessed to know that she was a daughter of God. I hope that all my children will know and remember that all their lives, and know how much our Father in Heaven loves each of us, individually.
We spent Thanksgiving with Sallee and Adam at her house. Sanoe actually had to work that morning, but we headed out to Sallee's as soon as he got home. The dinner was amazing and Sallee definitely out did herself. She made enough to send us all home with leftovers that lasted quite a while. It was a wonderful, relaxing day and I was able to contemplate how truly blessed I am with so many things. I am part of a wonderful family, an eternal family, I have a wonderful husband, three adorable children, supportive friends and extended family, parents that loved me unconditionally and taught me, a knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ that helps me grow closer to my Savior each day, and a great life that is constantly molding me into the person the Lord wants me to be. ( I sure do have a long way to go!) I am so grateful for my life!

We spent Christmas with Sanoe's family this year at our house. His sister Noelani, and her husband Sam and their two children flew over from California, and Sanoe's dad came over from the Big Island. Our neighbor was going to be out of town so he was kind enough to let us use his apartment for people to sleep in since there definitely wouldn't be enough room in our place for everyone. Chris (Sanoe's dad) and his wife Theresa have an apartment just down the road from us so they were in close proximity for the festivities. It was wonderful to be together as family, and so much fun watching all the grandkids spend time together.
It seems like the time has just flown by and doesn't seem to slow down, but just get faster. All the kids grow, discover, and get more independent each day. 2009 is almost half over. Alana is already crawling and she tries her hardest to pull herself up next to things, but isn't quite strong enough yet. She gets pretty frustrated, but she's learning. She is also a wiggle worm, and doesn't like to sit still. Maka turned two in January, and just continues to be all boy, with a sweet sensitive side. He loves to tell mommy how much he loves her and everyone else. Everytime someone comes over or he plays with someone, when it's time to leave, he turns to me and says, "Mommy, I love ....(so and so). For example, we went to our friends, the Abelman's pool for their sons birthday party, and when we were getting into the car to drive home, Maka turned to me and said, "Mom, I love Ashlyn." (A little girl that's in nursery with him. Look out ladies, here comes Maka! Kiara turned 4 in April! I can't believe it. She is so grown up, and loves to be the second mom in the house. It has its advantages, and disadvantages:) I do preschool with her and some other kids twice a week. She enjoys it, but I worry that she needs more than that sometimes. We spend the rest of our week at playgroups, working on the garden, running errands,playing at the beach or pool, and hanging out at home. Her favorite game right now is playing "doggy or kitty", which is a game of pretend, where Kiara acts like the kitten or dog, and anyone who is around is the owner (most of the time it's me). Sanoe continues to stay busy with school. This is his 3rd year in medical school, and it's had it's good and rough times. We've definitely grown as a family. He finishes his last rotation, Pediatrics, this week. Then has a three week break, but has to take the first half of the 4th year national exam near the end of those three weeks. So he'll be studying pretty hard, but we'll definitely make time for fun. As for me, I stay busy with three adorable children. In any free time I do have, I sleep, read, or work on my garden, which had become my latest hobby. I love it, but it takes a lot more time than I have to devote to it, so it definitely isn't as nice or productive as the garden in my dreams is:) It's sort of like this blog. I try my best, but it's definitely not that good. Oh, well. But I've come to accept that the best I can do sometimes just isn't as perfect as I want it, but it's enough and I just keep trying. Life is good and we are definitely enjoying our wonderful journey!


Hyperchondriac said...

hi!!! Alana looks absolutely adorable. I cannot believe how much Kiara and Maka have grown. Maka looks absolutely grown up now! I hope all is well. DOes Sanoe know what he wants to do in the future? And you look positively glowing by the way. Motherhood really does suit you very well. Keep in touch! And when you get the chance, email me your address, ok?


Jacqueline Auna and family said...

Kaelene!! Has it really been eight months since Alana was born? I can't tell you how happy I am to read all about your family's growth and adventures! You are always so inspirational - I always want to be a better person after reading your thoughts on motherhood and the gospel! lots of love to you and the family.

Jullee and Fam said...

I love seeing your pictures and hearing about the fun your family is having. The kids are getting so big but they are as cute as ever!

Elaine said...

Alana is beautiful! I loved this update on your family! Kate still talks about Kiara and misses her. I hope you are all well!

somebody's mother said...

That was a fun update. All the pictures are so cute. Don't worry about your blog. I am pretty sporadic with my blog, so I can't really expect much from anyone else. But I do love it when someone posts something new. thanks.

Your family is getting so big. I hope we get a chance to see you next winter and see all the new, cute things the kids have learned.

Keep up the good work.

J D C and N said...

So fun to catch up with everything going on with you guys. Can't believe how grown up everyone looks! I was looking at your family photo and remembering what it was like when we were all in Hawaii with no kiddos...it does seem so long ago sometimes! It's fun how life goes on and things change and families grow. We sure miss you guys!

Marci said...

What a wonderful post! It's almost like a letter from a Christmas card. It's so great to get an update like this.

Rachelle said...

I am so glad that you posted pictures of Alana and your family. Even though it was 8 months ago.. it is still kind of wierd for me that you are a mother of 3. What a beautiful family. Your such a cute little mom and we miss you all so much. Please let us know details about your Utah trip. We'd be happy to pick you up from the airport... etc...

Fritters said...

what a beautiful family! congrats, guys!